The Holy Grail of Color Capture

shared on December 17, 2013

I have wanted something like this since I was eight years old.

As a kid, I was outside often, enjoying the beautiful colors and sounds of nature. I lived in Clarksville, Tennessee and I remember the autumn foliage fondly. It was beautiful. When I wasn’t playing outside, I imagined being in the worlds I was exploring through fiction.

I also loved to paint, draw, &c. I remember mixing paint to try and get the exact shade of green I observed on a leaf, or the perfect brown for bark and pinecones. Of course, I never got there. Why wasn’t there a device that could accurately give me a color found in nature? Even today, it is not super easy to find the perfect orange or brown in Photoshop.

Enter SwatchMate’s Color Capturing Cube!

The Cube is a portable device that captures the color of any surface. Using Bluetooth, it sends the color data to your smartphone or directly into Photoshop.

Inside the Cube there is (surprisingly!) a sphere. The sphere contains a light source and a color sensor, and has a small sample hole through which to capture color. A controlled sequence of light is shone on the surface, before being redirected back into the sphere toward the color sensor.

Oh hells yeah!

If the above wasn’t enough, the Cube can output colors in the RGB, CMYK, and Lab color spaces. I pledged and am looking forward to receiving my Cube in the mail in about six months. I’m not thrilled about that, but all good things come to those to wait, right?

The Holy Grail of Color Capture


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