It Is Time

shared on June 17, 2015

According to the shipping box of my Pebble Time, anyway.

At this point, it is common knowledge in tech circles that the original Pebble was a Kickstarter phenom, gaining millions of dollars in funding. That particular smartwatch looked like garbage to me, and I was perfectly fine with my Nooka Zub ZenH 20. Now that is a nice watch! However, when the Pebble Time was announced, I was blown away. My Nooka finally had some competition. I took notes as I wore the Pebble during the first week so I could write-up this review.

TL;DR: I love my Pebble and my Nooka has been sitting in a basket since the Time landed on my wrist.

In the Beginning (06/08)

Through some annoying loophole in the USPS system, I got my Pebble two days after I was supposed to get it. First-world problems aside, I was excited to come home and set it up. The watch was at 80% when I set it up with my iPhone, and as expected, my heavy use that night drained the battery a bit.

Of course, I had to get these watchfaces. Mega Man Battle Network and Pokémon? GET!

There are a plethora of  WATCH-inspired watchfaces on the Pebble app store and I find it hilarious.

The First Full Day (06/09)

I went to bed wearing the watch. I never did that before because 1) there was never a reason to and 2) my past watches were always uncomfortable for sleeping, by way of bulk. Surprisingly, I slept well and my Pebble woke me up! Prior to this day, I used my iPhone as an alarm clock. My girlfriend is an extremely light sleeper, so while hearing the dulcet tones of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Limb Clinic music is nice, I am sure she does not appreciate being woken by it.

Anyhoo! The watch vibrated until I stopped its wonderfully silent alarm. This is now a part of my daily routine. Before leaving for work, I made sure to charge the watch completely to accurately gauge battery life for the upcoming week.

Wait, what? (06/11)

Okay, this was weird. The day before, I was listening to Drake’s Energy because I was in my zone. When I tried to control my music from my Pebble, the watch was unresponsive and frozen on that song. I figured it was an issue with my iPhone, so I rebooted it. Nope, it was the watch. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it reboots crazy fast.

At some point during this day, I checked the battery life of the Pebble and it was at 58%. I also washed dishes with the watch on. Granted, I was not all in the water, but water got on it. It survived, lol. People on Reddit having been swimming with it, so take that as proof of awesome.

Gotta Get Down on Friday! (06/12)

One of my favorite watchfaces

Around 3pm, I got a 20% battery warning buzz on my wrist. From some point the day before to 3pm this day, I was receiving a boatload of notifications. Some of my best friends and I have a Facebook chat where we post a lot of randomness. With a name like “Official WEÖM Rockman Fanclub”, that should not come as a surprise.

Will This Thing Die Already? (06/13)

I woke up with a 10% battery warning. I did not wake up via any alarm though, my Pebble alarm only operates on weekdays. Neat-o! Also, my Pebble’s Timeline suggested I charge today.

You don’t tell me when to charge, or stand for that matter

Following advice I read on Reddit earlier in the week, my iPhone had been on “Do Not Disturb” (and Silent) mode ever since. As a result, I missed a phone call, but my watch informed me of that at least. Maybe iOS 9 will allow for realtime caller info via Bluetooth? Maaaaaybe.

Dead, and you still tell time? Overachiever

By 11pm, my watch finally says 0% battery. I do not care to charge, and opt for sleep.

We Begin, Anew (06/14)

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. My watch was at 0% the night before and long into the morning it was still telling time. Is this a complaint? Hell no.

I finally got around to grabbing my Pebble charger at 10am and plugged it into my MacBook. I was playing Splatoon so I did not catch when it booted to the full Pebble experience, or when it achieved 100% battery, but I know the latter happened between 1 and 2pm. Those online matches are intense.

When it came back to life, which I think was after 5-10 minutes of charging

Final Thoughts

I was unsure if backing a $180 Kickstarter for a watch would add (or detract) value from my life, or if it would be even worth it. Now, I am sure I made the right choice. Two of my coworkers have  WATCHes and while the display for it is sweet and iOS integration is flawless, I would much rather have my Pebble Time. Besides, the next generation will probably be more appealing to me, like this second generation Pebble I am currently wearing.

Also, I absolutely love customization. Initially, I wanted to replicate my Nooka watch into a Pebble watchface, but I no longer feel the need to do so. There are so many clever, inventive watchfaces on Pebble’s app store that I can switch to on a whim.

I thought I would miss having my Nooka around. These days, I do not even think about it. When I enter my home office to look for something (too hot in there these days, because summer and no insulation in that one room), I discover it in the basket it was thrown in and think “Aww, I remember you”. Then, I continue with my day.

I love this watchface so much. So dope. Left pic is watch as usual, right pic is watch with backlight on

Interestingly, Nooka told me they were working on their own smartwatch, which makes total sense to me (they also seem to be clearing out inventory, with all these sales too). There is definitely still a market for traditional watches, but technologically-minded companies like Nooka are dead in the water if they do not adapt to the quickening pace of the burgeoning wearable space (that sequence of words sound good).

One of the coolest things about the Time is the Timeline. I have nothing more to say than that, haha! I can see why Apple mimicked that functionality in watchOS 2.0.

I truly think the future of wearables lies in customization. For most people, the only thing they will want to customize about their Android Wear or  WATCH is the strap. For people like myself, we crave the freedom to change our world as we see fit…this is probably why I am a web designer/developer, haha!

I scuffed the face of my Pebble somehow, but these “Gadgetwraps” I hear Redditors talk about seem to be the preventative measure to that. They look good though, so that is a plus, and they will only enhance the look of my watch.

I cracked the screen of my iPhone while playing with my daughter about a month ago and I think that is when I stopped caring so much about the physical integrity of most of my gadgets. “Live in the moment” and all that…that would make a great post, but for another day. Speaking of which, I will make another post soonish about the watchfaces and apps I use on my Pebble Time.

Til' next time!

It Is Time


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