Why Erik Spiekermann appeals to me, and how my life relates

shared on May 03, 2015

Anyone who doesn’t like Helvetica is a friend in my eyes, so by that logic, Erik and I go way back. Kidding aside, the amount of passion Erik has for type is amazing. I mean, most people don’t have that kind of passion about anything so to see someone living and breathing their passion is refreshing. I try to do the same in my work so I look at people like him for inspiration, tips,...

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How to use Brackets Sass

shared on April 29, 2015

In a post about my Brackets setup, I mentioned being informed about a plugin called, “Brackets Sass”. I usually use Terminal to compile my Sass but once you start organizing folders and files differently, you tend to get confused about how to use parameters. Actually, this issue is probably just mine alone…anyhoo, you probably know that Brackets is a text-editor that has an integrated plugin system. To install Brackets Sass, just search for it in...

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My Brackets Setup

shared on April 27, 2015

As a longtime Notepad++ user in my PC days, I have found Brackets to be a suitable replacement for editing and viewing code…I would even call it an upgrade. I was screensharing with a remote co-worker today and he kept asking me what I use for several plugins, so I thought I would whip up a quick blog post to share with everyone. You can search for these plugins (and install!) within Brackets itself by...

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Remove Google Search from Opera

shared on March 14, 2015

I just wanted to share a quick tip that I stumbled across today. When Opera initially diverged from Presto to work on Blink with Google, they gave significant screen real estate to Google’s Search Bar on their Start Page. I hated it because 1, I use DuckDuckGo and 2, Opera also didn’t allow for setting a custom search engine as default (they do now though, even though you can’t delete the included default engines). Anyhoo,...

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DSGN, version 8.0

shared on March 08, 2015

This post is referring to a previous version of DSGN, the sourcecode of which can be found here. About a month ago, I felt I needed to give this dear site of mine more love in the form of a redesign. As I started the redesign, I realized what it needed was more of a realign. The code needed a major refactor, mobile styles needed to be refined, and I needed a better way to...

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