My problems with eCommerce

shared on April 24, 2016

The current state of eCommerce offerings is quite bleak, in my opinion. Software is either bloated (Magento), has bizarre syntax (Squarespace), forces their kid-like design upon you (Shopify’s Buy Button), is done exceptionally well but is cost-prohibitive (CraftCommerce — I love CraftCommerce, OMFG), or looks/feels terrible (this is subjective, but virtually everything else). As a web developer/designer who regularly spins up servers and runs security and OS upgrades/updates on them, I don’t feel the need to...

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What I've Achieved in 2015

shared on December 30, 2015

2015 has been an interesting year, and I have grown so much since 2014. The top of this year was a terrible time for my family and I though, because we lost our daughter to a miscarriage. The end of this year is more joyous because we are pregnant again, and ultrasounds show no signs of trouble (and, we’re further along). With that said, on to my list! Learned about Turner Syndrome This is what...

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How to Setup an Apache Server with SSL (and get an A+)

shared on September 18, 2015

As a regular user of the Internet, I am sure you have noticed a padlock icon in your URL bar when you visit certain sites. All of your favorite social networks have them: Ello, Facebook, Twitter, &c. This is not for decoration, it is for security (as you might have guessed). You certainly feel safer when you log on to these sites, right? Of course you do! Before I brain dive into this topic with...

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It Is Time

shared on June 17, 2015

According to the shipping box of my Pebble Time, anyway. At this point, it is common knowledge in tech circles that the original Pebble was a Kickstarter phenom, gaining millions of dollars in funding. That particular smartwatch looked like garbage to me, and I was perfectly fine with my Nooka Zub ZenH 20. Now that is a nice watch! However, when the Pebble Time was announced, I was blown away. My Nooka finally had some...

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Jekyll Deployment with DigitalOcean

shared on May 07, 2015

For as long as I’ve been using Jekyll, I never quite figured out the automated deployment thing. Every time I updated this site (and others), I would then open Transmit and copy the folders/files that were changed. Sometimes, I would forget something and have to upload again. Terrible. Late last night/this morning, I decided to take a crack at it. DigitalOcean is where I host my sites and the only way you can access your...

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