My focus is to learn as much as I can, preferably in a position that can challenge and excite my brain on a regular basis, if not daily. You can also find me on LinkedIn, if you’re into the sort of thing. I am currently available for small, remote projects.



Solutions Architect: I design and make exquisite interfaces for the Internet of Things. Yes, the website is terrible but, we’re busy creating a PaaS. If you’re a mid-sized business who needs to track people/assets, let me know!

Timeframe: April 2015 — Present


UX Developer: Assisted designers and Ember developers in building the front-end to single page Ember.js apps. Learned how to use Vim and got introduced to BEM syntax/methodologies. Really proud of the last project I worked on, but not sure about NDA-esque stuff at the moment.

Timeframe: April 2014 — February 2015


Master of All: Built the entire front-end of the app, as well as the content creator. Gapelia was to be a cross between Medium and Facebook, for professors.

Timeframe: May 2013 — April 2014


Front-End Web Developer: Brought on as supplemental help to the only front-end developer at the time. Assisted the team in getting Leaf to 1.0 and got a plaque. Still have it, somewhere. They no longer exist, I think they were bought out.

Timeframe: August 2012 — November 2012


Design Apprentice: Thankfully, I wasn’t required to fetch coffee for people. Shadowed the then co-owner of thoughtbot, then shadowed another great designer. Had minor roles in several projects, but got to provide input (some valuable). Got introduced to Sass, GitHub, software development, and gained several experience points.

Timeframe: January 2012 — April 2012

Converse (Newbury Street location)

Maestro: Used Photoshop and a giant Brother printer to customize Chucks, hoodies, bags, books, t-shirts, &c. Cool stuff.

Timeframe: November 2010 — January 2014


Personal + Freelance: A plethora of self-initiated projects, both completed and on-going. Some old client work, nothing to write home about.

Timeframe: August 2007 — Present


Front-End Web Design and Development

HTML5 and CSS3/Sass, wire-framing, responsive-first design, working knowledge of vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, and several JavaScript frameworks. Why are there so many?

I’ve also been getting into NW.js (node-webkit) electron. It has allowed me to get some of my crazy ideas off the ground.

Adobe Photoshop

Simply put, I know how to design a website in Photoshop and code it afterwards. Nowadays, I tend to just sketch a wireframe on my iPad Pro and  Pencil with Procreate. Affinity Photo may replace Photoshop for me at some point, but Adobe’s been fighting back recently.


The Internet

I am being serious here.

I did go to college for Software Engineering, but a series of unfortunate events forced enabled me to leave so I taught myself design and code. Thank goodness the Internet exists. I definitely owe Tim Berners-Lee tuition.

Timeframe: April 2007 — Present


These days, I am all about the “Internet of Things” and getting my operating system and browser more developed. When I’m not boring my girlfriend with that, I’m playing Splatoon, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Super Smash Bros, listening to or creating new music, and trying to get any of my several business ideas off the ground.

I think too much. I probably want to do too much as well. That said, there is never too much to learn!



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