Aries, on a desktop

Initially, Aries wasn’t supposed to even exist. I was coding hikari and realized I should’ve started with a smaller project, haha! So, a web browser was a good start!

Aries was first built upon node-webkit, and it was good (node-webkit version is here). One day, I decided to create an Electron-based fork of Aries (based upon all the great things I was hearing about it) and found I was able to recreate the same functionality in half the code and minus a bunch of hacks (but, let’s be real — half of all code is hacked, amirite?).

In Aries, you can:

Here’s a bigger preview of Aries, in action:

Super dope freshness, son!

The choice to name my browser was pretty easy — Aries is my zodiac sign. And, seeing as how the official animal of Aries is the ram, I thought it would be pretty funny if someone said, “Aries rams the competition”, haha! Ahem. No? Hmm, welp…

You can find Aries on GitHub. Download it, fork it, inspect the code, have fun! I haven’t created any releases, or, downloadable executables yet because I don’t feel like it’s ready for 1.0. Close! But, no quite. There’s plenty of features I plan to add, so stay tuned!



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