This site is built with Jekyll and hosted on DigitalOcean. There’s no responsive framework here, I do that by eye. Posts are written in Markdown, RDiscount-flavored, using Brackets. I buy my domain names from Hover too, they’re pretty great. The typefaces used are Karla, Noto Serif, and Fira Mono. Brick has a CDN for that.

I used to deploy DSGN via Transmit like a savage, but now I use Capistrano (I really should update to version 3 at some point). The source code for this site is on GitHub.


Man… my first reaction was that this is some hipster shit turned to 11… but damn it all - it’s so genuine, it’s fresh. This site is the digital equivalent of a mic-drop. Nice work.

I gotta say… your vibe is pretty rare for Boston. We need it here. Good luck.

— Benjamin Rogers

So much love for this. Fresh.

— Thomas Wood

that shit fire

— Bob Wassermann

Love it. Original and creative.

— Brad Wrage

Epic site man.

Irving Torres

Feedback taken from this Designer News thread.

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